Ring Sizing Guide

Created by Rue B jewellers in York


This guide is designed to help you to determine the correct ring size for you!


 To Find Your Ring Size:


Firstly measure around the base of your finger with a piece of string, ribbon or paper. The length of this piece of paper is the circumference of your finger. Then simply refer to our sizing chart towards the bottom of this page to convert this measurement into a UK, USA or EU ring size.



Alternatively you can measure a ring that you already own. Place your ring on a piece of paper and trace the inside diameter, then measure this with a tape measure. 



Tips For Accurately Measuring Your Finger!


  • Make sure that the ribbon or paper that you are using slides easily over the knuckle- so it shouldn't be too tight.


  • Take note of the temperature! Your fingers will swell in the heat and shrink when it is cold, be aware of this and adjust your ring size accordingly by a couple of milimeters if necessary.


  • If you are measuring one of your rings, make sure that it is not misshapen in any way.


  • If you are buying a chunkier ring (over 8mm in height), we recommend that you go up one ring size.


Please note – the most accurate way to determining the correct ring size is to visit your local jeweller and request a sizing. But don't worry because you can always return a ring bought from us at Rue B and request a different size.



Now you have all the information you need to make an informed choice, you are ready to have a browse of Rue B's fantastic range of sterling silver rings. We have a large range of simple and chunky styles featuring stones such as opals, moonstone, rubies, and peridot. Many pieces are handmade and we try to stock unusual designs that you are unlikely to find elsewhere.


Diameter (mm) Circum. (mm) Ring Size
14.36 44.9 G
14.65 45.9 H
15.04 47.1 I
15.40 48.1 J
15.80 49.3 K
16.10 50.3 L
16.51 51.5 M
16.92 52.8 N
17.35 54.0 O
17.75 55.3 P
18.19 56.6 Q
18.61 58.4 R
19.10 59.4 S
19.51 60.6 T
20.02 62.2 U
20.32 63.1 V
20.76 65.0 W
21.18 65.7 X
21.49 66.6 Y
21.89 67.9 Z

This guide uses the UK/Australian ring size measurement system, depicting the ring size with a letter. 


You can use the chart below to convert your ring size to international measurement systems